Les dames Vertes


This book made available by the Internet Archive.INTRODUCTIONAurore Dupin, who was to become so famous under the no7n de plu7ne of GeorgeSand,^ was the great-granddaughter of the IMarchal de Saxe. She was born in 1804,and until the ge of thirteen was brought up by her grandmother at her chteau ofNohant, in the dpartaient of Indre. She then spent three years in the " Couvent desDames anglaises " at Paris, where she felt very keenly the loss of the freedom she hadhitherto enjoyed in her beloved Berry. In 1820 she returned to Nohant, and havingthus regained her Hberty, spent most of her tinie in promiscuous reading. Philosophyseems to hve attracted her no less than poetry, and she was an enthusiastic admirerof Jean-Jacques Rousseau as well as of Byron. Two years later she was married toBaron Dudevant, whose cold, harsh nature and overbearing ways soon made her veryunhappy, and from whom she separated in 1831, though it was not until 1836 that sheobtained a judicial sparation with the care...

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