Poems of Francois Villon


This book made available by the Internet Archive.CONTENTSPage The Greater Testament {continued) Octaves cxvi-cxxix 114Ballad for a newly married Gentleman . . . 119Octaves cxxx-cxxxiii 120Ballad: Counterblast to Franc-Gontier . . 122Octaves cxxxiv 123Ballad of the Women of Paris 124Octaves cxxxv-cxlv 125Seemly Lesson to the Good-for-Noughts. . 129Ballad of Good Doctrine to those of 111 Life . 130Octaves cxlvi-cliii 131Roundel (On my Release) 134Octaves cliv-clxv 135Roundel (Requiem) 139Octaves clxvi-clxxiii 139Ballad crying all Folk Mercy 142BaUad (Final) 144Divers Poems Ballad of Villon in Prison 149Epitaph (Quatrain) 151Variant 151Epitaph in Form of Ballad 152Request to the Court of Parliament .... 154.^Ballad of Villon's Appeal ........ 156Ballad of Proverbs 158BaUad of Things known and unknown . 159Ballad of Poor Chimneysweeps 161.- Ballad of Fortune 162Ballad of those that missay of France . . .165 * Ballad of the Debate of the Heart andBodyCONTENTSPage Divers Poems {continued) Ba...

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