Theresa Marchmont

Autheur(s): Mrs Charles Gore

THERESA MARCHMONTIncLibrary"La Cour Est Comme Un difice Bti De Marbre; Je V..."La cour est comme un difice bti de marbre; je veux dire qu'elle est composed'hommes fort durs, mais fort polis." _LA BRUYERE._London, MDCCCXXIVChapter I."Take any shape but that, and my firm nerves shall never tremble. Hence horribleshadow! Unreal mockery, hence!"--_MACBETH_It was a gloomy evening, towards the autumn of the year 1676, and the driving blastswhich wept from the sea upon Greville Cross, a dreary and exposed mansion on thecoast of Lancashire, gave promise of a stormy night and added to the desolationwhich at all traces pervaded its vast and comfortless apartments.Greville Cross had formerly been a Benedictine Monastery, and had been bestowed atthe Reformation, together with its rights of Forestry upon Sir Ralph de Greville, theancestor of its present possessor. Although that part of the building containing thechapel and refectory had been long in ruins, the remainder of the gloomy quadranglewas...

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